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Disability: Reflection from graduating social work student

 Hello Readers,
This article contains self reflected observation and personal changes I experienced after going through the model called  "FSP 405:Working with persons with disability" as a part of my bachelor degree in social work at Samtse College of Education.

Reflection 1: is it disability or the society that makes people disabled?

The concept of disability is dynamic and it can be influenced heavily by the individual factors and societal factors. The question of whether disability is primarily caused by the individual’ condition or societal factor is a complex and heated debate for quite long time.

Well, I stand with fact that some disabilities are result of innate physical or cognitive limitation, it is the societal response to these limitation that determines the extent to which individual are disabled. You and I as a part of society, it is our responsibility in constructing environments, systems and attitude that enables the live of all people.

So, how can we support? Supporting person with disability isn’t any rocket science. It is matter of you and me, and everyone shifting focus from viewing disability as solely an individual’s impairment. Likewise, I draw strong motivation from the concept of social model where it prompt us to be advocate of promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and equal opportunities and empower people with disability to fully participate in all aspect of life.

“If you can’t support, please don’t disable them”

Reflection 2: Power of disability friendly infrastructure, an eye opener to inclusivity

Before taking a class on disability-friendly infrastructure, I must admit that I was largely ignorant about the topic. I never fully grasped the importance of creating spaces that cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities. It simply didn't register on my radar. However, after diving into the subject and becoming more educated on the matter, my perspective underwent a significant transformation.

Learning about disability-friendly infrastructure opened my eyes to the challenges faced by people with disabilities on a daily basis. I realized that basic activities that I took for granted, such as navigating a sidewalk, accessing public transportation, or entering a building, could be incredibly difficult or even impossible for someone with a disability. It was a humbling experience, and it made me question the accessibility of the world around me.

Understanding the need for change, I am now dedicated to supporting initiatives that improve disability-friendly infrastructure. I believe that everyone deserves equal access and opportunities, regardless of their physical abilities. I have developed a deep empathy for individuals with disabilities, and I want to do my part in creating a more inclusive society.

Personally, this journey has been a profound one. It has made me more aware of the barriers that exist for people with disabilities and the importance of designing environments that accommodate their needs. It has taught me to be more considerate and mindful of those around me, and it has sparked a passion within me to advocate for change.

In the future, I plan to actively support organizations that promote disability-friendly infrastructure. I will seek out opportunities to volunteer, raise awareness, and contribute to projects that aim to create more accessible spaces. This newfound knowledge has not only broadened my understanding of disability rights but has also inspired a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Reflection 3: Life lesson drawn from Mr. Nick

I had a time, when I would be scared of my life. I would be scared of my future when I didn't know that the time I have is only today. Trying to smile through hard times of my life, it was extremely challenging for me. Despite everything, I traveled through rough journey challenging all the difficulties and yet I have many more to go. 

In the Ted talk , Like Nick said, “It is lie to think I cannot do". I didn't have to time think of failing and it has never stopped me from doing what I enjoy the most. Had I been scared of failing, I would have been haunted by the fear.

 While going through this motivational video, I felt proud of myself for being the best in the world. For which, my pride has never let me think of difficulty and impossibility. This video has added another litres of courage in my life and taught me how to be appreciative of everything in my life. Infact, I suggest all of us should watch this video if we want the courage in our life.

Image of Mr. Nick

Relection 4: Can there be GNH without inclusivity?

What is Gross National Happiness?   GNH is concept of that measures the overall well-being and happiness of a country’s population. It goes beyond traditional economic indicators such as gross domestic product “GDP” and takes into account various factors that contribute to people’s happiness and quality of life. Equal opportunities, accessibility, and the removal of barriers  to empower individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives and unlock their potential enhances their personal happiness and  also strengthens social cohesion fostering a more equal and compassionate society, positively influencing the overall GNH of a nation.

However, it is important to acknowledge that achieving true inclusivity remains an ongoing challenge despite progress in certain areas, individuals with disabilities still face discrimination, limited access to education and employment, and inadequate healthcare and support services. These barriers not only hinder their well-being but also impact the overall happiness of society

Therefore in my reflection, I am reminded of the significance of creating a society that values diversity and provides equal opportunities for all. Recognizing the unique contributions and potential of individuals in nation building, we must be reminded ourselves inclusivity if we want to achieve Gross national Happiness.

Reflection 5: Beautiful lesson delivery and my 100 percent attendance.

The lessons were delivered using variety of engaging resources such as video lectures, readings and interactive activities where one cannot get time to waste or rather be my diverted attention to some outside world. These diverse mediums were useful for me to ensure that I complete all the lessons subsequently. Guess what? I got 100 percentage for this model because of its lesson delivery technique.

Moreover, the integration of real-life examples and some case stories was helpful for me to enhance my learning process and contextualizing the concepts with real-world scenarios. Additionally, the course fostered active participation through quizzes and discussion forums though I rarely volunteer to answer. However, I have been active learner and was able to use my classes duration fruitfully for discuss, debate and share.

Of many, Professional dialogue and Meta movement was one of my favorite class activities where I got to reflect, realize and think beyond classroom. You know what? At one time, I felt like I belong to parliament because I found myself getting deeper into why we everyone deserves equal treatment. For example, our constitution which is mothering all laws in Bhutan, it clearly gives right to its entire citizen. Therefore, when constitution gives equal right irrespective of caste, gender and race, do we have a reason to exclude people living with disability? This is a meta movement, I decided to be a advocate enabling the livelihood of  the people living disability

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