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" I don't fear dead body anymore"

  Human behaviors are affected by many dimensions. Social environment is one dimension that affects our behavior including the way we see our life. In this article “I don’t fear dead body anymore”, I have written about my fear to dead body in my childhood because of our superstitious culture. Most importantly, it covers important incident at hospital where I learnt to handle my fear of dead body.   “I don’t fear dead body anymore”. I am born in remote, a very remote village of Monger. Our villagers are so superstitious that they refuse to take modern health facilities. The villagers are conditioned to believe that when someone die, his/her soul is taken by the local deities. Then villagers would start to get scared of the dead body because we believe that we might encounter a dead person in the form of a ghost. Anybody who is born into our village would learn to adapt such myths from childhood and I got no exception. I was grown up fearing to do my toilet without my youngest uncl