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Eight Auspicious Sign

  The picture of Tashi Tagye (eight auspicious sign) བཀྲིས་རྟགས་བརྒྱད། is very popular in our society. We see it being painted on wall, building, dzongs, monastery   and everywhere. In Sanskrit , it is known as ‘Ashtamangala’,   Ashta mean eight and Mangala means auspicious. The auspicious sign are as follows 1.Dug(parasol) གདུགས། : it symbolizes the protection from harmful forces, obstacles and so forth where one can enjoy the shade under its protection. It is signifies the wealth and royalty. 2.Serya( Golden fish) གསེར་ཉ། : It symbolizes the freeing ourselves from   oceans of suffering   and freely mitigate like fish in water. 3.Dungkar (couch shell) དུང་དཀར། :   It symbolizes reverberating sound of dharma and signifies the awakening sentient beings from ignorance. It also signifies the far reaching of Buddhist teaching like its melodious sound. 4.Padma ( Lotus) པདྨ། : It refers to complete purification of body, speech and mind and blossoming of whole deeds in liberation.

Your Valentine letter

Dear,  Especially today, I hope you feel how much I love you and how grateful I am to have you in my life. You take my breath away Happy Valentine's Day — my love, my life, my heart, my forever Valentine. Thank you for making my world such an awesome place. Thank you for being the reason I look forward to every day. It hurts that miles separate us this Valentine's Day, but I know our love will carry us through until we see each other again. Love surrounds us like light. We are warmed by the charm of our devotion. You make the world so much more beautiful, I love being with you Happy Valentine’s Day, my dearest.  You have a way of making me feel so safe and loved. This Valentine’s Day I give you my heart once again, and I hope you can see how much I love you. It hurts that miles separate us this Valentine’s Day, but I know our love will carry us through until we see each other again. I love you! Everyday, I fall in love with you more and more. Well, not every day, yesterday you

"Pema Lingpa day"

  Every year, 3 rd day of first lunar month is celebrated as pema Lingpa day coinciding with his death anniversary. It is more than a celebration of his death anniversary because it is a day where Bhutanese pay tribute to its own country man who has great influence in the Bhutanese history. Terchen Pema Lingpa was born to  Yap Dondrup zangpo and Yum Pema Dolma at Baribrang,Tang Bumthang.  It believed that he was born with many miraculous sign and he was extraordinary even as a child  that could learnt reading, writing, iron works and carpentry even without receiving formal instruction. It is believed that  Guru Padmasambhava appeared in pemalingpa’s vision at holy site of Yige Drukma, blessed him and placed in his hands an inventory of one hundred and eight major termas to be revealed. Of all, one well-known story of pema lingpa which is about burning Lake is still popular place visited by many people. As per oral tradition, it is believed that pema Lingpa was criticized and on look

Velentine day

  Have you ever tried to find, what is Valentine? besides sharing of gift cards , love , making proposal, and so on.  Here is a short history of velentine. In ancient Rome, The Emperor Claudius II was pagan and has his strict law which prohibits Romans from marrying. It was around 3rd century back. During that time, Roman Catholic Saint St.valentine converted himself into Christian and started helping to marry those soldiers in secret Christian ceremony. It was during those times when many Romans where converting themselves into Christian. However, valentine's secret act was later revealed by Emperor and he was jailed. While imprisoned, he cared his fellow prisoners and  jailor's blind daughter. It is believed that Saint Valentine restored jailor's blind daughter before his final execution  for going against Claudius rule. He left his love message signed "From your valentine" to jailor's daughter. It is believed that he was executed on  14 February of year 270