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Culture clash down under: A journey through Australian culture shock

  Culture differs from one place to another, and each culture is uniquely significant for them. Culture is to society what memory is to individuals (Kluckhohn, 1954). It defines the way how an individual behaves to certain environment ( for example, financial discipline, dress we wear etc…). Culture generally can be split into two, i) Subjective ii) material. According to Traindis (2002), material culture consists of such elements of food, dress, houses, and structures while subjective part is ideas of how to make the elements of material elements. It implies that material culture is something we can feel and touch while subjective culture is the experience, memory and habits which are not visible but shapes our daily thoughts. Exploring the dual nature of culture as material and subjective, this article presents my experience of culture clash in Australia as an international Student. dcity along with millions of others who belongs to different part of world. For people who dream to