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Journey of project manager- self reflection


Over the years, I have been hearing lot about social entrepreneurship and project development. As a person, I have been looking forward to help myself learn about project development. This semester, when I came to know about it, I am overwhelmed and it was huge rescue for me when I got an opportunity to learn about project development. As expected, there were seven units for this model and each of the units was undeniable component of project development.

For example, we were introduced to the over view of project management and social development right from the first class. Project as a systematic and organized human ideas, it has to pass through several rings of cycle. Initiation of idea is the first step toward designing a project, we had an opportunity to organize our project ideas right from the first unit.

After the initiation of an idea, it is important for any project to have robust plan for next phase. The project developer should weigh the whole impact of project after the execution. In unit three, we have spent week long from normal class to familiarize ourselves with different type of project designing tools. While we were discussing about Logical Frame work approach (LFA), I found the idea of reviewing our project in peer was insightful and has helped me to develop rigorous project plan. One of the key messages from unit four was about importance of assessing long term impact of a project. As a project manager, we should consider result based management of the project so that we can take our project to next level.

Having learnt about technical components of project cycle in previous unit, in this unit, we have looked into basic qualities of project manager. I have learnt that project manager has a role to initiate the project and to lead the project activities until it is over. We had an opportunity to hear about the challenges of project management in real life through guest talk and field visit as a part of academic learning. We were provided the opportunity to visit million fruit tree project which was initiated under the royal command. After visiting the project, I could gather my confidence to plan our own project and it was help for me to prepare myself to coordinate project in future.

To understand the whole  concept of monitoring and evaluation, we got an opportunity to apply what we have learnt in the class. In unit six, we have learnt about the importance of monitoring and evaluation. To make concept clear, we got an opportunity to evaluate one of the project which was initiated by senior faculty of the college. Although our evaluation may not be standard of the expert, we are hopeful that our work will help to reach project at next level.

          Glimpse from evaluation 

Finally after learning about project management cycle, we are taught how to organize our project and propose for relevant budget. Since the project proposal is key component that will convince our potential funder, we were introduced to project proposal writing and we got opportunity to write project proposal as a part of academic assignment.  

 This is just the end of beginning, I shall learn about it until I breath last. 


         Glimpse from 'Million fruit tree project' visit



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