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Best leadership quality- Leadership of self

When I think of few qualities about good leader, leadership of self is one thing which I cannot halt considering around it. Leadership of self is about leading and helping ourselves to discover our undiscovered treasures lying at the distance of our speed. When we try catching up with the qualities of world renowned leaders, we not only get frustrated but lose our own treasures which might make you popular. In a business world, no firm with same brand will be successful. Self leadership is about marketing and branding ourselves. Just like brand, we have unique and special talent that must be flourished with consistent attempt to improve over the time.

Will you blame your customers for not favoring your brand? Perhaps, it is illogical. Instead of blaming people around you for not cooperating with your ideas of leadership, shouldn’t we reflect upon ourselves? Well, when we come across such circumstances, it is important that we run a quick check about our own ideas, isn’t it?  So the self leadership is about improving our unique qualities and contextualizing with people around us with limited clashes.

We might love to hear good things but we speak seldom. How crazy are we? We are good leader if we can allocate what we speak.  If we can employ our communication skill, gaining trust wouldn’t be impossible. Over the years, I have been learning to be compassionate, approachable, empathetic, decisive, tolerable and positive. And I think these noble qualities are helping me become better version of myself. However, I am still far from being good, because there are more aspects of life that I must master and grow. And I am positive that the qualities I possess will be enhanced and updated over the time.

Human being has ability to learn and update ourselves over the time. Likewise, leadership qualities are something which we can improve over the years. I believe, I have learnt partial amount of qualities that a good leader must have and therefore to add on the existing leadership qualities which I have, I am focusing on disciplining myself. I am learning to adopt good communication skills which are beyond the fluency of the language I speak. Although fluency of language is one component of good communication but empathetic communication weighs more and perhaps, it is the essence of good communication. Therefore, I have self agreed resolution to read books to add more vocabulary in the journey of improving my communication that will help me become better person and wise leader. I believe that will help me discipline my speech which is undeniable components of good leader.

Secondly, it is important that we discipline our body. We cannot deny the fact that our body will lust for comfortable place and luxuries food to eat. If we cannot control ugly lust and desire, we tend to become selfish and greedy leading to unprofessional conduct over the time. Not being able practice the professionalism affects the leadership and whole set of environment. Therefore, I am learning to adjust with the surrounding instead of complaining the bad sides of it and I hope this will help me master in disciplining myself.

In the third place, I am learning to discipline my mind since the mind is master of all. It is our mind that initiates the action which is of either good or of bad intensions. In the journey of taming my mind, I am training my mind to be critical and realistic instead of letting it float in the air. This helps me become better person and to monitor our own action so that we pose minimum harm to others.

Like a branded business enjoying the freedom of market, a person should have good brand painted with the discipline of speech, body and mind. The brand we are looking for is hiding within our body. We must help ourselves discover the treasure hiding in the sacred heart.

Thank you.





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