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"May 2 and Our Teachers' day"

 I took a deep breath before I wrote this piece of article. And I request everyone to take a deep long breath if you come across this article. Think of all the teachers who had touched your life because today is a day to pay tribute to our teachers who have been playing with chalks and dusters, escaping meals to prepare lesson plan, gathering teaching materials from limited income they make and list goes on. We often say teachers are the one who light us in the darkness but we must not forget that they burn themselves to light our path. We should know that smoke is part of fire light. Like smoke troubling you when it enters your eye, teachers might have scolded you, punished you, insulted your behaviours and you must have felt bad about it. But I know that you have great respect to your teacher and therefore today is a day to forget all your bad thoughts to your teacher and pay your genuine respect.

Why teachers' day on May 2 in Bhutan while other parts of world celebrates on different date? In Bhutan, Teachers' day is celebrated in May 2 coinciding with birth anniversary of His Majesty The Third Druk Gyelpo Jigme Dorji wangchuck, who is also known as father of modern Bhutan in the history of Bhutan. Without a question His Majesty The Third King is the first person to introduce and develop so called modern education. One of his important legacy is establishment of Teacher Training Institute (presently known Samtse college of Education) at Samtse. And today, thousands of teachers graduate from SCE are serving across the nation as valuable citizen of Bhutan.

Therefore, today's day is much more than cake cutting ceremony and few dance programs but it is day to pay respect to Mewang Zhing Fep Jigme Dorji wangchuck and our selfless teachers across the nation.

* Today As I bow myself to Kuper of our great King, I am taking this special opportunity to wish all the teachers across the nation "Happy teachers' Day".

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  1. I'm extremely happy to read your article....indeed a great writing

    1. Thank you so much for reading. May our teachers' hear our heart. :))


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